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Our Number Plate Platform gives Sellers the Following


Advantages shown below




Publish Auctions or fixed price Ads until Sold

Choose Start and End dates and times         

Set a reserve price and handling or shipping fee

Set a buy now price

Auto-relist if an auction is unsuccessful (no bids or highest bid < reserve price)

Enter a commission % and VAT %

Manage auctions, check detailed history and keep track of payment Status

Enter city, country etc. (Google Maps can be displayed on each auction page)

Share auctions on your social media (Facebook, Twitter and Google+)

Absentee bidding (Auto Bidding)

Set up keyword alerts and receive an email if an item matches the entered criteria

Keep track of auctions using a watch list

Pay for auctions won using the built-in PayPal (all major debit and credit cards) payment gateway

Keep track of leading bids and bids that are no longer highest bids

Receive an email when a bid is no longer the winning bid

Detailed history and keep track of payment status

Seller rating (Feedback)

Responsive design: great user experience on Desktop, tablets and mobile devices

System emails per event e.g. new Auction, Auction ends, Bidder is Outbid

       Search Engine       

SEO friendly urls (Search Engine Optimization)

Built-in PayPal payment Gateway (Buyers can pay Sellers)

Profile management for both Sellers and Bidders

Internal messaging system

Premium Ad/Auction and will

be placed on the front page of

the Numberplates.Auction 


Ad/Auction placed

on the NumberPlates.Auction

Facebook Page

Ad/Auction placed

on the NumberPlates.Auction

Instagram Page


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