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We provide 5 Number Plate Valuations


Present Value

Valuation in 3 Years

Valuation in 5 Years

Valuation in 7 Years

Valuation in 10 Years


How do we value your Number Plate?


This is a question we are commonly asked, and the answer is simple. 

We have a dedicated team of Data Scientists who can provide accurate conservative Number Plate Valuations not only for the present, but also determine the future value within the next 10 years.

They will analyze vast amounts of data to determine an accurate conservative Number Plate Valuation and here are just a few area’s they will look at;




Previous Sales of similar Number Plates

Combined with our 20 years’ experience

We are the only company who provide this high-level service for our customers. Over 40% of our customers ask for Number Plate Valuations, for Number Plates they are planning to purchase. They do this, so that they can make, a more informed decision, before they purchase a Number Plate


How much does the Valuation cost?


£10 GBP | $20 CAD | $15 USD


       British Number Plate Valuation
Number Plate(s)


    Canadian Number Plate Valuation
Number Plate(s)

  United States Number Plate Valuation
Number Plate(s)

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