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What we do?

We provide a platform for our customers to advertise their Number Plates via our website


Customers can either create an Auction or Ad on our platform and we take no commission when the Number Plate/Number Plate Slogan is sold.

We also provide additional service’s

Number Plate Valuations

Number Plate Finding Service 


Our Background

We started buying and selling Number Plates from 1996 in the UK for the Indian/Asian Community, which then turned into a business called www.Apnaplates.com. Number 1 in the UK for the Indian/Asian community.

In 2017 we went Global, now advertising Number Plates across the world through Ads and Auctions created by our sellers on our brand new Platform 


We are the Number 1 Auction platform which brings buyers and sellers of Number Plates together, in the world.


What is a Personalized Number Plate?

A Personal Number Plate is a combination of letters and/or numbers which represent something personal for the person buying the number plate. Every Country, State, Province or Kingdom has their own rules and regulations on how these number plate can be represented. They are also categorized with the following names around the world:

Vanity PlatePersonalized Plate (United States); Prestige PlatePrivate Number PlateCherished Plate or Personalised Registration (United Kingdom); Personalised Plate (Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom) or Custom Plate (Australia and New Zealand) Vehicle Registration Plate.


Why are Number Plates so expensive?

Every number plate in a Country, State, Province or Kingdom is unique. They are unique because governments need to identify who owns a vehicle, as every vehicle has a unique number plate. So as these number plate are unique, this creates an increasing demand for Personal Number Plates.


Are Personal Number Plates a good investment?

The only item on your vehicle which increases in value is your Personal Number Plate (unless the vehicle is a classic car or only a few cars were ever made).

Over the years Personal Number Plate have increased in popularity and so has the amount that people will pay for them. Personal Number Plate will always be a great investment, as long as the population in the Country, State, Province or Kingdom in which you bought is increasing.

As when the demand increases, so does the value of the investment.





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